Since November 2020, I wanted to get to the bottom of the massive Election Fraud, and I wanted to find out the REAL results of the 2020 Elections. I felt it was my “mission” to do it.
I analyzed the data of 17 States, studied the patterns, “Reverse Engineered” the Election Fraud in each of the 17 States. And finally I found out the Real Results of the 2020 Elections.

It has been a highly demanding endeavor.
It took me 5 months of hard work and $60,000 from my own pocket.
I published the Real Results of the 2020 Elections – in 17 States, and Nationwide – in a series of 8 Election Reports.
You can contribute to the Election Reports expenses with a donation:

If there is a wealthy Patriot out there, or a billionaire, who wants to cover the expenses of the work I’ve done on the Election Reports, please let me know: I will be more than happy to make all the Election Reports available for free to everyone. You can write a message in the Donation form above.

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I began working to find out the Real Results of the Elections on November 6, 2020. I published the Election Reports in August 2021. Until now I recovered $3,600 from the sales of the Reports, out of the $60,000 I spent.
This means I am still in the red for $56,400.
If you want to make a donation to contribute to the Election Reports expenses, you can do so using the Donation form above. Thank you!

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