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National Security is compromised

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Book Description

Who is the mastermind of the Spy Operations on Trump?
John Brennan.

John Brennan

Brennan was the Director of the CIA in the Obama administration, from March 2013 to January 2017.
But who really is John Brennan?
where lies his loyalty?

The history behind John Brennan is much darker than you can imagine.
National Security is compromised.

John Brennan had a long career in the CIA, spanning for 25 years.
– CIA Station Chief in Saudi Arabia from 1996 to 1999,
– CIA Chief of Staff from 1999 to 2001,
– CIA Deputy Executive Director from 2001 to 2003.
– CIA Director from March 2009 to January 20, 2017.

John Owen Brennan was born on September 22, 1955, in North Bergen, New Jersey.
He attended Fordham University, and graduated with a BA in Political Science in 1977.
In those years John Brennan was a Communist.
He even voted for a Communist Party candidate at the 1976 presidential election, Gus Hall.

Let us remember that in those years the Soviet Union was a fully Communist Nation.
From 1945 to 1989 the Soviet Union was the most powerful and most dangerous Enemy of the USA.

Brennan started as a CIA Analyst in 1980.
And here we have the first question:

How and why did the CIA hire a Communist guy in 1980, in the middle of the Cold War against the Communist Soviet Union, which was the Number One Enemy of the USA?

Something stinks.

who hired the Communist John Brennan in 1980, in the middle of the Cold War?

Was the CIA officer who recruited John Brennan an undercover Communist spy himself, who had been infiltrated inside the CIA by the Soviet Union?
Was John Brennan himself a Communist spy working for the Soviet Union, infiltrated inside the CIA?

Brennan, a guy who became Director of the CIA, was in reality a Communist spy, working for the Communist cabal the whole time?

And there is more.

In 1996 John Brennan was 41 years old.
After 16 years working at the CIA, in 1996 Brennan was appointed CIA Station Chief in Saudi Arabia. He remained in charge in that position until 1999.

Guess who was the President of the USA at that time?
Bill Clinton.

While he was CIA Station Chief in Saudi Arabia, John Brennan converted to the muslim religion.
Since his muslim conversion, which took place in or around 1998, Brennan’s career inside the CIA skyrocketed:
– in 1999: Brennan was promoted as CIA Chief of Staff.
– in 2001: Brennan was promoted to CIA Deputy Executive Director.
– in 2013: Brennan was appointed as Director of the CIA.

By the way: John Brennan had to be appointed as CIA Director as early as in 2009, right after the Obama Inauguration. That was the plan.

how was John Brennan able to climb to the top levels of the CIA?

Is there a connection between Brennan’s promotions to the top levels of the CIA and his conversion to the muslim religion?

if there is such a connection, we have to ask:

did Brennan develop some powerful connections, while he was the CIA Station Chief in Saudi Arabia?

which were these “powerful connections”?
perhaps connections with the ruling family of Saudi Arabia?

And what did these Saudi Arabia ‘powerful connections’ ask Brennan, in return for their favors?

A Recruiting Operation

Thanks to a former FBI Agent, John Guandolo, we have the answers to these questions.
John Guandolo tells us what happened about the conversion of John Brennan to the muslim religion, during his tenure as CIA Station Chief in Saudi Arabia:

“Two persons, who were in Government service, witnessed the conversion of John Brennan to islam. They were present, and they saw Brennan taking the oath of allegiance to the muslim religion, while he was CIA Station Chief in Saudi Arabia.”

This means that, since that time, 1998 or thereabouts, Brennan’s real allegiance is to the muslim religion and to Saudi Arabia, and not to the USA, nor to the US Constitution.
And it means that, by that oath of allegiance, John Brennan is allowed to lie, cheat and deceive, in order to accomplish the muslim / Saudi Arabia goals in the US, in Europe and in the Middle East.

Another stunning revelation by John Guandolo:

“John Brennan was induced to convert to islam by members of the Saudi Arabia government, and Saudi intelligence services. That was a Recruiting Operation.”

a Recruiting Operation?
meaning: in 1998 the Saudi Arabia government recruited John Brennan to the muslim cause, while he was CIA Station Chief in Saudi Arabia?
John Brennan is an undercover asset of the Saudi Arabia regime, inside the CIA? Saudi Arabia / muslim infiltration of the CIA?

Roger Stone

Roger Stone is a long time friend of Donald Trump.
It was Roger Stone who told Donald Trump to run for President, already in 1988.
And again in 2012, and in 2016.

on January 23, 2017, just 3 days after President Trump Inauguration, Roger Stone said in an interview:

“John Brennan is a former member of the Communist Party.”
“While Brennan was CIA Station Chief in Saudi Arabia, he converted to islam, to Wahabism.”
“Brennan was recruited [by Saudi Arabia].”

Full confirmation of John Guandolo revelation.

Roger Stone added:

“When John Brennan became Director of the CIA, he refused to be sworn on the Bible.”


“Mike Pompeo has to clean house at the CIA. These guys at the CIA are looking to destabilize the Presidency (of Donald Trump).”

Consider that Roger Stone said that in January 2017, three days after Trump took office.
Roger Stone words were prophetic.

Here is the video clip of Roger Stone talking about John Brennan:

Remember the FBI raid on Roger Stone’s home at 6:00 am in 2019?
Is what Roger Stone said in this interview of January 2017 the reason why he was targeted by the FBI, by Mueller and by Andrew Weissmann?

Was that FBI raid on Roger Stone an act of revenge by John Brennan and his communist minions at the FBI and DOJ?

John Brennan speaking in Arabic

Here you have John Brennan speaking in Arabic, and praising the muslim religion.
Brennan gave this speech in 2010, while Barack Hussein Obama was the President, and Brennan was the Director of the CIA:

John Brennan:
“For more than three decades I traveled the world,
and I learned about the goodness and the beauty of islam”
“a faith of peace and tolerance”

And then Brennan speaks in Arabic, praising Mecca and Medina:

And this guy has been the Director of the CIA.
Think about it…
The CIA: the most powerful Agency in the US.

John Brennan is a Communist, and also a muslim.

Wait a second…
isn’t also Barack Hussein Obama a Communist, and also a muslim?
and what about Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s nanny?

A muslim/communist infiltration at the highest levels of the USA?
A muslim/communist Takeover of the USA?

Who is John Brennan? – The Dark Secrets

You will learn much more in the book “Who is John Brennan? – The Dark Secrets”.
“Who is John Brennan?” has been #1 in New Releases, Political Intelligence, and reached #3 in the category Biographies of Organized Crime in the Amazon bestsellers list.

Who is John Brennan - Books in Intelligence by Greg Rubini

Table of Contents:

1. John Brennan: the Mastermind of the Spy Operations on Trump
2. Who is John Brennan?
– John Brennan: a communist hired by the CIA
– John Brennan and Saudi Arabia
– Bush and Saudi Arabia
– The Deal with the Devil: a $750 Billion deal

3. Who founded ISIS?
4. Who founded Al Qaeda?
5. Barack Obama: A Remarkable Ascent

6. John Brennan and the British Spy Agencies
7. Alexander Downer and Hakluyt
8. The CIA Director: “Thank God for the Deep State”
9. The Hammer Spy Operation
10. The Takeover of the Pentagon: The Big Purge

Who is John Brennan? – The Dark Secrets
Author: Greg Rubini
File format: PDF
144 pages
Price: $16

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