Durham Indictments

Durham Indictments - Books in Intelligence by Greg Rubini

Durham Indictments – Book by Greg Rubini

#1 in Organized Crime in the Amazon Bestsellers List
#3 in Intelligence and Espionage

First Edition: published on August 16, 2020
Second Edition: published on December 22, 2021

File format: PDF
228 pages
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Book Description

We expected a lot from John Durham.
We expected the indictments of James Comey, John Brennan, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, James Clapper, Sally Yates.

We expected many indictments for Seditious Conspiracy to overthrow the Goverment.
We expected 50 years sentences for each of those criminal conspirators.

Where are those indictments?

Something happened, behind the scenes.
Threats on John Durham life or on his family?

We know that something happened between May and September 2020: in the months preceding the 2020 Elections.
These were the comments we heard in May and June 2020, from Kerri Kupec, John Solomon, William Barr:

“It was a Seditious Conspiracy to overthrow the Goverment”
“The indictments sought are of historic proportion. There has been nothing like it in the history of our country.”
“The Seditious Conspiracy against Trump is similar to the conspiracy to assassinate President Lincoln”
“The conspirators attempted to decapitate the Government”

William Barr said: “it was an organized effort to push a President out of office”

President Trump hinted at “50 years sentences”.

The book “Durham Indictments” reached #1 in the Amazon Bestsellers List, in the category Organized Crime.

Durham Indictments - Book

Durham Indictments
Author: Greg Rubini
File format: PDF
228 pages
Price: $16

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